About Us

What are our values?

A VETERAN IS A VETERAN - which means The American Legion embraces all current and former members of the military and endeavors to help them transition into their communities.

SELFLESS SERVICE - which means The American Legion celebrates all who contribute to something larger than themselves and inspires others to serve and strengthen America.

AMERICAN VALUES AND PATRIOTISM - which means The American Legion advocates for upholding and defending the United States Constitution, equal justice and opportunity for everyone and discrimination against no one, youth education, responsible citizenship and honoring military service by observing and participating in memorial events.

FAMILY AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT - which means The American Legion meets the unique needs of local communities.

ADVANCING THE VISION - which means The American Legion educates, mentors and leads new generations of Americans.

HONOR THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE US - which means The American Legion pays perpetual respect for all past military sacrifices to ensure they are never forgotten by new generations.

The American Legion's motto is "Veterans Strengthening America."

American Flag on Pole

Why our post is named after Clarence Clofer:

Local legend has it that during the early years, Post meetings were held in individual's homes, businesses, and schools. Until one day, Lizzy Clofer decided the Post needed a permanent home, and in true legionnaire fashion, donated her home for the purpose of what we call American Legion Post 259, named in memory of her son Clarence.


Clarence Clofer (1895-1919): Killed in a submarine explosion in Key West, Florida. Mr. Clofer was the first WWI casualty whose body was returned to Excelsior. He was the first member of the community to lose his life in service of our country. He was given a large military funeral, with the Village paying part of the expenses. American Legion Post 259 is named in his honor.

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